IASSW: Mini-Conference in Zagreb, Croatia

CSWEANZ is a member of the IASSW and David McNabb recently attended an IASSW mini-conference in Zagreb, Croatia on behalf of CSWEANZ. In this post David gives a brief account of the mini-conference.

It was great to get to travel but the last time I was in Croatia it was summer so going to Zagreb in winter was quite a shock to the system! Here are some of the highlights from the Board meeting of IASSW which I reported to CSWEANZ:

1. Issue of relationship between IASSW and IFSW. It appears difficult to have a constructive relationship at this point. The conferences will be separate in 2020 Calgary (IFSW) and Italy (IASSW). This is impacting joint projects such as the Global Agenda and review of Ethics, and the review of the Global Standards in Education and Training. IFSW has set up an education commission. IASSW was not consulted about this process. There was much discussion about making change around these relationships. We will consult with ANZASW about a statement about our concerns or desires about this relationship.

2. IASSW is set up in the USA. It is costly to run out of there. There are arguments to move the office of the organisation to another country. Money has been put aside to work out how to move the office outside of the USA.

3. Projects committee. This is one I am chairing. Projects have been funded to various projects around the world, including in Aotearoa New Zealand. Applications need put in by end of November of each year.

4. Global Ethics document review. Thanks to Wheturangi Walsh Tapiata who made some comments on the draft. I have sent the comments in as part of our contribution to this review.

5. Dublin conference is the next meeting for IASSW in July of 2018. Mark Henrickson is finishing as treasurer. Cost of conference has been of concern and has been expressed to IASSW. A number of Kiwis plan on being there – catch you in Ireland!

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